Why my Physician is prescribing me SmartCardia 7L?


Monitoring the fabric of life

Continuous care

SmartCardia 7L patch allows for continuous heart (ECG) and vitals monitoring. The patch streams the data in near-real time for your clinician to keep track of your health.


Why trust on SmartCardia 7L

Simple and Seamless Use

No more dangling wires, changing electrodes, worrying about device issues

Water proof/Shower proof

Daily activities are unaffected

Quality of Life

Continue your daily activities without hindrance, discreet wear

Best quality of care

Patch offers highest quality 7-lead ECG and accuracy. Best in class quality of care for you and your loved ones.

Allows immediate care

Allows for immediate detection of any health issue by your clinician

Quick Reports

Low wait times for getting your reports.

Whenever. Wherever.

To make the right decisions, clinicians need to be able to continuously monitor their patients’ vital signs. Current patient monitoring systems typically rely on bulky devices.